June 22, 2021

Notes from the House is an independent digital newsletter that tracks and monitors Parliament in its role of holding government to account and passing legislation to improve people’s lives. It aims to bring you the news from Parliament that you don’t get elsewhere.

We are committed to accurate and ethical journalism that empowers readers by providing them with the information to which they are constitutionally entitled. We strive to adhere to the press code and abide by decisions of the press ombudsman. We are independent and do not represent any political party.

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"The National Assembly is elected to represent the people and to ensure government by the people... It does this by ... providing a national forum for public consideration of issues, by passing legislation and by scrutinizing and overseeing executive action."

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Chapter 4 (3)

Does Parliament meet its constitutional obligations?

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Notes from the House is an independent online publication that tracks and monitors Parliament’s role in fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities to improve the lives of South African citizens. Published by Moira Levy with the support of the Claude Leon Foundation.

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