July 05, 2020

In response to complaints lodged with the Press Ombudsman by Moloto Mothapo, Spokesperson to Parliament, and Gengezi Mgidlana, Secretary to Parliament, Notes from the House apologises

Apology to Secretary to Parliament, Gengezi Mgidlana, and Parliament

To Mgidlana for untruthfully / inaccurately / unfairly:

  • stating as fact the following allegations: “Gengezi Mgidlana is the man who, among other dodgy practices, spent R4-million of taxpayers’ money in two-and-a-half years for travel for his wife and himself, awarded himself an ex-gratia payment of more than R71,000 that he was not entitled to, gave himself a R30,503 study bursary just months into the job while denying bursaries to most other staff, and various other dodgy behaviours such as the illegal use of blue light security cars, including to get his kids to school”;
  • labelling him as “disgraced” and calling his actions “dodgy”:
  • reporting that “…clearly somewhere, somehow, there is corruption afoot …”;
  • not giving him a right of reply prior to publication; and
  • not exercising the necessary care and consideration regarding his dignity and reputation.

To Parliament for:

  • not falsely stating that it had paid out bonuses to Mgidlana and other senior management; and not offered an explanation for the alleged paying out of these monies;
  • not reporting its denials to this effect; and
  • not having contacted the spokesperson for comment.

This follows the publication in December 2018 by the Daily Maverick and Notes from the House of an article by Moira Levy entitled, “Gengezi Mgidlana, suspended Secretary to Parliament, objects to being called ‘corrupt’. Visit www.presscouncil.org.za for the full finding.

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  • Author: Moira Levy
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