May 21, 2019

It was anything but smooth sailing for the Marine Spatial Planning Bill on Wednesday when members of Parliament consulted the fishing community of Saldanha. The Committee got a thorough grilling.

Parliament’s Standing Committee on Appropriations was briefed by PRASA on Wednesday about the extent of vandalism and violence on public trains and how this affects its service.

The amount of money illegally leaving the country and draining the fiscus was described as “staggering” at a joint parliamentary committee meeting yesterday said Committee Chair Yunus Carrim.

SAPS’ second attempt to present a strategy to the Portfolio Committee on Police on how it aims to tackle  gangsterism seemed to deliver even less than the first.

Cooperative Banks encourage saving, provide low-interest loans and meet the needs of our struggling small business sector. So why are there only two registered in the whole of South Africa?

Resolutions from the Traditional and Indigenous Leadership Indaba heard by the Committee of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs last week demonstrated few new ideas, but loads of chutzpah.

This might well be the last lap of Valli Moosa’s 20-year campaign to see legislative controls extended to cover private political party funding.

Efforts underway by the parliamentary Committee on Trade and Industry to introduce amendments to provide for debt relief and forgiveness are hugely welcome, albeit somewhat overdue.

A decision by Parliament and the ANC caucus to reject an invitation to meet with visiting members of the Israeli parliament has been welcomed by human rights and faith groups.

The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services wants to know when action will be taken to bring paralegals and Community Advice Offices (CAOs) under the umbrella of official legislation.

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