May 18, 2021

South Africa’s land reform programme was supposed to ensure that the impoverished get to own and work the land. Now, only the politically connected and economically included are benefitting.

According to an article published in the Lancet the indirect effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on maternal and child mortality rates in low-income and middle-incomes countries could reach a devastating possible maximum of 56 700 additional maternal deaths and 1 157 000 additional child deaths over 6 months in the 118 countries reviewed.

At a time of multi-layered crises, when more than ever the world needs excellence in journalism to call to account those in power and to create a citizen voice, our newsrooms globally are instead contracting and the fourth estate is at risk, not least from a “second pandemic” of disinformation created by social media. Wits University’s Caxton Professor of Journalism ANTON HARBER, in delivering the Barry Streek memorial lecture, describes devastation in the news media industry.

Struggle stalwart Andrew Mlangeni died aged 95. Here, fellow anti-apartheid activist CHERYL CAROLUS pays tribute to an “exceptional, modest” leader whom she says has now put the baton in all our hands.

The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (Safcei) says it is concerned that the situation in the country is reaching a boiling point, with the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on society and the economy, and the threat of a huge hike in electricity. The SA government is expecting far too much from its citizens, who now face a potential increase of up to 15% more for electricity while simultaneously having to contend with increased lockdown regulations and a fresh bout of load shedding.

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