July 04, 2020

Mary de Haas, violence monitor and an analyst from KZN, has written a letter to Cyril Ramaphosa about the lessons to be learned from lockdown. In so many ways it echoes the thinking of many South Africans.

Dear President Ramaphosa,

Denis Goldberg was one of Nelson Mandela’s two surviving co-defendants from the 1963-64 Rivonia trial, arguably the most important trial in South Africa’s history. He indicated to NICK STADLEN that the Rivonia trial was the defining moment of his life.

Professor Ben Turok will be remembered for the many roles he played during his 70 years of activism ‑ as an underground cadre, a treason trialist, a trade unionist, a (not always successful) saboteur, a political prisoner, an exile, a Member of Parliament, an academic and, most of all, an independent thinker who always spoke truth to power. This biographic article by MOIRA LEVY looks at what underlies Ben’s political persona and what shaped him into the man he was.

Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni declared that he “fully endorses” the establishment of a unit within the South African Revenue Services (SARS) that is deployed to investigate and gather intelligence on illicit financial flows and granting SARS full “intrusive enforcement capacity” to act against them when necessary.

Inequality between nations is worse than inequality within nations. This means that the economic distance between an impoverished Burundian and a wealthy Belgian, for example, is far greater than the economic distance between impoverished and wealthy people within Burundi itself. There is only one place where the severity of this global inequality is mirrored at a national level: South Africa. According to DENNIS WEBSTER a new report sheds light on the full, multidimensional nightmare of South African inequality.

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